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Window Weatherstripping

Some time since 1924 when our house was built, one of the owners tried to fix the counter weight ropes in some windows. They left out the zinc guide track which is really necessary to keep the wind out when the window is pulled down. This is the usual zinc metal track with a protruding guide rail folded out to accept the groove cut in the window sides. It is trimmed at the foot to sit over the zinc strip tacked across the bottom. The bottom piece is still in place; I just need side pieces.

Check with Blaine Window Hardware, 17319 Blaine Dr., Hagerstown, MD 21740, 301 797-6500, 800 678-1919, They have an extensive supply of older window parts and can fabricate practically anything. Also, Accurate Metal Weatherstripping Co. Inc., 725 S. Futon Ave., Mt. Vernon, NY 10550-, 914 668-6042, may have your type of weatherstripping in stock. Be prepared to send samples for an exact match. If you cannot find an exact match you may end up replacing the weatherstripping with a similar type from these same sources.

John Leeke is a preservation consultant who helps homeowners, contractors and architects understand and maintain their historic buildings. You can contact him at 26 Higgins St., Portland, Maine, 04103; or by E-mail:; or log onto his website at:

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