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Windham Housing Trust And Friends Of Algiers, The Tontine Building Rehabilitation Project: 2009 PTV Award Winner

Windham Housing Trust and Friends of Algiers, the Tontine Building Rehabilitation project: 2009 PTV Award Winner

The Tontine Building in Algiers Village is a 19th century Federal-style building with a “hardworking past and a fresh new beginning”. The first significant addition to affordable housing in the town of Guilford, the historic building now offers seven fully renovated apartments in the village center for area residents. Located on the corner of Route 5 and the Guilford Center Road, the 1819 Tontine Building is an important historic anchor in Guilford’s Algiers Village. The building is one of several surviving structures built by an early group of entrepreneurs who utilized available water power from the nearby Broad Brook. The building, with 25 owners in 150 years, has been through many transformations and housed a mix of commercial and single and multi-family uses. Completed last fall, the extensive rehabilitation of this historic landmark is a symbol of a highly successful partnership between a regional non-profit affordable housing organization, the Windham Housing Trust and a local community group, the Friends of Algiers Village, and a renewed sense of identity in the community and vision for the future.

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