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Why Do We Care So Much About The Vermont Marble Museum?

Why do we care so much about the Vermont Marble Museum?

Located in Proctor, Vermont, The Vermont Marble Museum tells the story of what was once the largest marble company in the world and one of Vermont’s most important industries. 

The Vermont Marble Company had an enormous impact on the built environment of our nation. Largely quarried or carved locally, marble from The Vermont Marble Company was used in the Jefferson Memorial, the US Supreme Court Building, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as well as hundreds of other monuments and memorials all over the world. The museum and its collection, including over 3,000 glass plate negatives, tell the stories of these projects and the marble industry.

Keeping the museum in Proctor ensures that the story of this community and its people will remain local, and alive. The Vermont Marble Museum is located in Proctor, Vermont’s only “company town.” Founded in the late 19th century, the town was established and grew hand-in-hand with the Vermont Marble Company. The Vermont Marble Company’s showroom, located in the company’s orginal finishing shed, provided the founding collection (and location) for the museum. For the people of Proctor today — many descendents of the Italian, Swedish, Polish, German, Hungarian and other immigrants brought in to work in the factory — this museum is their history.

Acting now will keep the Marble Museum a part of Vermont’s future. The Preservation Trust of Vermont will soon purchase the museum building and transfer ownership to a non-profit organization. This will protect the museum collection from future risk and ensure that it will not be sold piecemeal to collectors around the world.

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