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West Glover Church, Glover

The historic West Glover Church sits on a slight rise above the village of West Glover. Originally built in 1832 at the site of the first hilltop settlement, it was moved in 1850 to its current location where it has served this small village for nearly 175 years. A fire originating in the church’s basement in 2016 did considerable interior damage but was put out before it could compromise the structure.

Following a major community fundraising effort, the basement and sanctuary were repaired and the church once again was able to serve the community.

In recent years, and with renewed interest in creating an inclusive community meetinghouse, the organizers of the church and members of the community are looking for renewed ways to serve the tight knit village. The Preservation Trust of Vermont began working with church member Betsy Day and West Glover community organizer Randy Williams in 2022 to assist them with these efforts. A Robert Sincerbeaux Funded condition assessment by Jan Lewandoski made clear that the church’s steeple was in need of restoration.

A grant of $50,000 will be used to repair some structural members, replace failing roofing and trim work and paint the steeple.

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