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Alpine Building Restoration Inc.

Alpine Building Restoration Inc. has over 40 years of experience in building envelope technology, masonry construction and masonry restoration, including brick, marble, granite, and terra cotta restoration. We are experienced and certified in all current restoration products and procedures. Our projects include many landmark buildings such as The Old Mill, Williams Hall, Royal Tyler Theater and many others at UVM; The Superior Courthouse and the Old National Life building in Montpelier. We provide consulting and expertise on complex restoration projects to many of Vermont’s leading restoration architects and engineering firms.

Masonry design, build, and repair services. Historic masonry specialist. Consulting services, assessments, planning, and reporting.

Liszt Historical Restoration, Inc has over 20 years of experience in the field of masonry restoration, including marble, granite, and terra cotta restoration. We are certified and field experienced in Cathedral Stone Products, a certified authorized JAHN Installer. Our projects include many landmark buildings such as the Vermont State House and the Old National Life building in Montpelier; Starr Library, Bicentennial Hall, Atwater Commons, Monroe House, and others at Middlebury College; Mary Fletcher Building at Fletcher Allen Hospital; and Perry Hall at Champlain College (the first LEED Platinum project in Vermont).

Many 18th and 19th century New England buildings include some form of masonry in the structure. Repair and restoration of these buildings requires knowledge and skill to stabilize the sometimes sensitive structural elements, while maintaining the period aesthetic. Mike Eramo Masonry has extensive experience with New England masonry restoration projects.

Trow & Holden is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic mortar removal tools for repointing and masonry restoration. For more than 125 years our pneumatics and hand tools have been used by stone working and restoration professionals to build, repair, and refurbish. To request a catalog or learn more about specialized restoration tools, please call or visit us online at

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