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CRM Associates LLC

Ann Cousins, owner of CRM Associates, has worked professionally as a 36 CFR 61-qualied Architectural Historian since 1991 providing regulatory review, historic preservation consulting, and National Register/State Register documentation. She is listed as an Architectural Historian and Rehabilitation Investment Tax Credit Consultant with the VT Division for Historic Preservation. Cousins is pre-qualified as an Architectural Historian by the VT Community Development Program, qualified for CDBG project review. Barry Cousins, co-owner, is FAA Remote Pilot Certified and insured for commercial drone operation. Together, they combine hobby and passion to provide high-resolution drone photography of roofs, steeples, and birds-eye views of historic districts. CRM’s images and footage have been used for diagnostics, condition assessments, grant applications, and community history videos.

CRM Associates drone photo-inspection of Charlotte church bell tower.

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