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Time, Treasure & Talent

In the world of nonprofit organizations we think about ‘time, treasure and talent.’ The organization that receives these three gifts from a donor is a lucky one indeed.

At the Preservation Trust we feel incredibly lucky.  We have people all over Vermont who daily give their time, their treasure, and their talents to keeping all the best of our state, our history, and communities as vital and inspiring as possible.  They devote themselves to public buildings, village centers, downtowns, old industrial sites, historic societies, collections, and quirky old buildings that are just too wonderful to let go.

I’ve spent decades witnessing this incredible generosity, living in a place where you can see the results of neighborly cooperation on just about every road and byway.

Over the years, the Preservation Trust has done everything we can to advise and assist Vermonters who aim to make their communities vibrant, mindful of the past and, engaged in creating a better future.  We have been able to do this with grants, expert advice, publications, inspiration, coaching, hand-holding, and cheering.

We have been able make a powerful positive impact on over 2,000 buildings, and in most every community in Vermont because we have been the grateful recipients of your time, talent and treasure.

Today, I ask that you share a bit of that treasure with us now.  We hope you will support the Preservation Trust of Vermont, so we can help in turn.  Thank you!



Paul Bruhn
Executive Director


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