The Town Of Hartford Municipal Building Renovations / Bread Loaf Corporation, Town of Hartford and Municipal Building Advisory Committee

The Town of Hartford Municipal Building should be recognized as exceptional due to: Project is a national model for how to respectfully renovate historic resources to be Net Zero Ready; The Town’s commitment to save the existing building and pursue state of the art energy efficiency; The rehabilitation of an important civic building located central to downtown that is welcoming and accessible to the public and is a source of local pride. Features include brick repair and cleaning, restoration of arched window openings to original full height, removal of interior dropped ceilings, and the restoration of historic brick dormers; Project preserved and enhanced the historic significance of the building, while incorporating modern efficiency – upgraded in HVAC systems, electrical systems, building envelope efficiency resulted in overall architectural excellence, all within the context of a pre-determined fixed budget; Meeting the functional goals to sympathetically rearrange program space within the existing footprint while creating “transparent government”; A historic building that has been modernized for maximum resiliency, minimal operating costs, excellent indoor air quality, and high comfort for its users. After 1956, spaces within the building were gradually divided into smaller rooms, ceilings were dropped, and windows were replaced to improve energy efficiency. Several dormers were removed at the roof, and the building suffered from deferred maintenance. In 2013, the Town passed a bond to design and renovate the town offices, overwhelmingly voting in favor of leaving the building in its downtown location. The Town selected Bread Loaf Corporation as the architect, and assembled a building committee of design and construction experts to help guide the process. The building committee was dedicated to a complete building renovation and adamant about improving energy efficiency while eliminating fossil fuel use from the building operation. The resulting design included restoration of attic dormers to allow light into the 3rd floor spaces; Restoring the archtop windows to their full height for daylighting; Exposing interior brick elements, windows, trim and ceiling heights to help restore the interior space to its former grandeur; New roof, partial exterior brick repointing and replacement of missing granite ornamentation; Complete renovation of the interior, relocated stairways and a new elevator to improve circulation and achieve full ADA and Life Safety compliance; Open office planning to maximize natural daylighting; Structural upgrade to repair damage due to alterations over the years; Change the use of the basement to allow for floodwater entry in and out of the building; Thermal upgrade to the building, including building envelope analysis, blower door and infiltration tests, super-insulated building exterior, quad glazed windows; High efficiency LED light fixtures; Air to air heat pump mechanical systems with no fossil fuel backup.

Hartford Town Hall