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The Colchester Historical Society, The Log Schoolhouse: 2009 PTV Preservation Award

In August of 2000 the MacDonald family was dismantling their camp when they uncovered what turned out to be a long-forgotten 1815 Schoolhouse. The Colchester Historical Society worked with the MacDonald’s to temporarily move the log house to Town property until a permanent location could be found and funds raised. By 2004, they hired a project manager and identified a home for the schoolhouse at Airport Park.

Over the next four years, with local fundraising and help from a VT Agency of Transportation Enhancement Grant, State grants, and funding from the Preservation Trust of Vermont in partnership with the Freeman Foundation—and with guidance from Arnold and Scangas Architects—the schoolhouse was restored based on historic photographs and physical evidence. Today the Colchester Log Schoolhouse serves as a visitor center and a museum. The Colchester Historical Society has not only saved the oldest known structure in Malletts Bay but has provided the community with a place for showcasing their history and heritage.

2009 Honor Award to Carol Reichard and Tom Mulcahy representing the Colchester Historical Society, in recognition of their tireless efforts to save the Log Schoolhouse.

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