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Preservation Trust of Vermont Silent Auction: How it Works

1.   Follow the section links in the menu above.  There’s a great selection from downtowns and village centers around the state, to vacation getaways at great historic places, to the work of Vermont artists, to unusual items and experiences only available through this auction.

2.   If you are interested in bidding, the easiest way is to bid online from each item page. You will only have to enter your address once; subsequent bids will auto-fill. Click here for alternative ways to bid.

3. Please note that the deadline for bidding is 6 pm on Saturday September 30th Monday October 14th.

4.  Please be aware that this is a special auction and you will have just one bid.  You will not see other peoples’ bids. We encourage you to be as enthusiastic as possible, and bid high if you really want something!

5.   If there are ties for the highest bid, the bid received first will be considered the winning bid.  To avoid ties, please bid in dollars and cents.

6.   Winners will be notified within three weeks of the close of bids to make arrangements for the delivery and payment of auction items.

7.   If you have questions about a particular item or the bidding process, please email us at or call (802) 442-8951 or (802) 658-6647.

All Bids Due by September 30th at 6 pm!

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