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RSF Grants Awarded 2006

American Precision Museum, Windsor, RSF-Windsor-Annex building-Keefe, 250.00, 08/16/2006

Andrew or Jil Pomerantz, Chelsea, RSF-Chelsea Green Store-Keefe Assess., 250.00, 05/23/2006

Big Heavy World Foundation, Inc., Starksboro, RSF-Assessment of Old Starksboro Store, Rte 116-Lothrop, 500.00, 03/06/2006

Bob Neeld, Hyde Park, RSF-Hyde Park Congr. Church site visit, 100.00, 05/23/2006

Bon Temps Gourmet, Shrewsbury, RSF-Analysis Pierce store feasibility of kitchen, 500.00, 03/14/2006

Bridgewater Congregational Church, Bridgewater, RSF-Bridgewater Cong. Church Assess/Access-Keefe Assess., 500.00, 02/27/2006

Bridport Historical Society, Bridport, RSF-Bridport-Fletcher House-Keefe, 250.00, 09/05/2006

Clarendon Grange Community Center, Clarendon, RSF-Parker assessment, 250.00, 09/05/2006

College Street Congregational Church, Burlington, RSF-Burlington, Keefe, 500.00, 11/14/2006

Copley Country Club, Morrisville, RSF-Morrisville-Keefe Assessment, 250.00, 10/23/2006

DAR General Strong Mansion, Addison, RSF-Addison-Keefe, 250.00, 08/16/2006

David Baker, Bristol, RSF-Site Visit Holly Hall, 100.00, 10/11/2006

East Barre Congregational Church, East Barre, RSF-E. Barre CChurch -Keefe Assess, 250.00, 07/25/2006

Eliot Lothrop, Hyde Park, RSF-Hyde Park Congregational Church site visit, 100.00, 05/23/2006

Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium, St. Johnsbury, RSF-St. Johnsbury-National Landmark Application, 500.00, 07/13/2006

First Baptist Church of So. Londonderry, South Londonderry, RSF-Parsonage asses-Parker, 250.00, 06/30/2006

Free and Accepted Masons Lodge #38, Wilmington, RSF-Wilmington Masonic Lodge-Sagerman assess, 250.00, 02/27/2006

G.R.A.C.E., Hardwick, RSF Hardwick Firehouse Bell Tower, Keefe Assessment, 500.00, 10/27/2006

Grace Community Church, Plainfield, RSF-Plainfield Keefe Ass., 250.00, 06/19/2006

Greensboro Historical Society, Inc., Greensboro, RSF-Assessment of location for Greensboro HS-Rahill, 250.00, 02/06/2006

Greensboro Library, Greensboro, RSF-Greensboro Library-Neeld asses, 500.00, 07/31/2006

Heideman, Eileen, Hyde Park, RSF-Hyde park congregational church site visit, 100.00, 05/23/2006

Huntington Historical and Community Trust, Huntington, RSF-Huntington Fire House, Lewandoski Assess., 250.00, 03/07/2006

Island Arts, Grand Island, RSF-GILH concert, 500.00, 04/06/2006

James Duggan, Hyde Park, RSF-Hyde park congregational church site visit, 100.00, 05/23/2006

John M. Watts, Jericho, Jericho Church, Fire Safety, 500.00, 11/30/2006

Keefe and Wesner Architects, PC, Bristol, RSF-Bristol-Holly Hall site visit, 100.00, 10/11/2006

Mike Heffernan, Hyde Park, RSF-Hyde Park Congregational Church site visit, 100.00, 05/23/2006

Millmore, Paul, Professional, consulting services, 500.00, 11/07/2006

Mt. Pleasant Cemetary, St. Johnsbury, RSF-St. Johnsbury, Cemetary Chapel-Brown Assess, 500.00, 03/07/2006

North Hero Historical Society, North Hero, RSF-N. Hero Town Hall–Keefe, 250.00, 10/01/2006

Northfield United Methodist Church, Northfield, RSF-Nrthfid-parker assess/, 250.00, 06/29/2006

Norwich Historical Society, Norwich, RSF-Norwich H.S. Headquarters-Keefe Assess., 250.00, 05/23/2006

Old Parish Church of Weston, Weston, RSF Weston Church assesm. Parker, 250.00, 06/12/2006

Old Stone House Museum, Brownington, RSF-Brownington, Old Stone House Museum-Barlow Assess, 250.00, 02/09/2006

Partners for Sacred Places, Professional, Honororium Tuomi Forrest, Sacred Places retreat, 180.00, 11/03/2006

Pawlet Masonic Lodge, Pawlet, RSF Pawlet Masonic -cole assess, 250.00, 10/02/2006

Petra Terra, Inc., Bristol, RSF-Bristol-Holly Hall site visit, 200.00, 10/11/2006

Pittsford Preservation Corp., Pittsford, RSF-Pittsford Village Traffic Study, 500.00, 01/12/2006

Pittsford Preservation Corp., Pittsford, return sincerbeaux grang, , 07/26/2006

RAMP, Bellow Falls, RSF-BF-Industrial Heritage Map, 500.00, 05/16/2006

RAMP, Bellows Falls, RSF to cover conference costs, 250.00, 10/18/2006

Randolph Area Comm. Devel. Corp, Randolph, RSF-Randolph Furniture and Power Plant-Scangas Assessm., 500.00, 02/27/2006

Reading Historical Society, Reading, RSF-Stone Schoolhse/Main St Hse/Church-Keefe asses., 750.00, 05/12/2006

Ripton Methodist Church, Ripton, RSF-Ripton Meth. Ch. Keefe, 250.00, 12/18/2006

Roxbury Free Library, Roxbury, RSF-Roxbury Free Library-Schaller Assessment, 250.00, 02/09/2006

Rupert United Methodist Church, Rupert, RSF-Rupert Church Cole Assess, 250.00, 06/01/2006

Solid Rock Assembly of God, Barton, RSF-Barton-Neeld Assess., 250.00, 06/14/2006

St. John’s-in-the-Mountains Epis. Church, Stowe, RSF-Stowe, Collette Assessment, 250.00, 02/09/2006

St. Johnsbury Railroad Heritage Soc., St. Johnsbury, RSF-RR Depot builidngs-Fishburn Assess., 250.00, 10/06/2006

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Dorset, RSF-Dorset-St. Paul’s Keefe Assesemnt, 250.00, 09/05/2006

The Intervale Foundation, Burlington, RSF-Burlington, Abare House-Barlow Assess., 400.00, 02/09/2006

Tinmouth Historical Society, Tinmouth, RSF-Tinmouth Creamery-Lewandoski Ass., 250.00, 05/23/2006

Town of Guildhall, Guildhall, rsf guild hall and Library-Spencer and Heideman ass., 500.00, 05/22/2006

Town of Starksboro, Starksboro, RSF Starksboro town barn-parker assess, 250.00, 05/12/2006

Town of West Fairlee, West Fairlee, RSF-W. Fairlee, Bean Hall-Heideman Assessm., 250.00, 03/06/2006

Town of West Rupert, West Rupert, RSF-W. Rupert school-Heffernan Assess, 200.00, 01/31/2006

Trinity Episcopal Church, Poultney, RSF-Poultney-Trinity Epis. Keefe Ass., 250.00, 12/18/2006

United Church of Underhill, Inc., Underhill, RSF-CPG consult, 250.00, 06/19/2006

University of Vermont, Jericho, RSF-Jericho, Thompson Hse, Ingraham Assess., 250.00, 04/12/2006

Vermont Conservatory of Music, Shoreham, RSF-Shoreham-Access Assesment Clinton Smith Church-Keefe, 250.00, 09/20/2006

Vermont Forum on Sprawl, Montpelier, rsf-event planning, 800.00, 06/26/2006

Vermont Historical Society, Barre, RSF-Barre, Bell Tower, Parker Assessemtn, 250.00, 11/30/2006

VT Small Business Development Ctr, Hardwick, RSF-Hardwick-Centennial Blg-Kane Assess, 250.00, 08/28/2006

Washington County Mental Health Serv., Montpelier, RSF-Montpelier-Keefe Assess., 250.00, 06/19/2006

Weston Historical Society, Weston, rsf-crafts building-parker assess, 250.00, 06/30/2006

Williamstown Art Conservation Center, Chester, RSF-Chester Stone Church–1/2 bill, 170.00, 01/31/2006

Woodstock Historical Society, Woodstock, RSF Woodstock Church, 250.00, 08/08/2006

Woodstock Recreation Center, Woodstock, RSF-Woodstock Rec. Keefe Assess, 250.00, 04/12/2006


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