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RSF Grants Awarded 2005

RSF Grants Awarded 2005

Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks, Bennington, RSF-Bennington-Elks Lodge Carraige Barn-Badger Assess, $250.00, 10/19/2005

Bethany UCC Church of Randolph, Randolph, RSF–Bethany UCC of Randolph–Keefe Asses, $500.00, 11/14/2005

Bradford Cemetary Association, Bradford, RSF-Bradford, Sawyer Chapel-Heffernan Assess, $250.00, 11/14/2005

Brookline Historical Committee, Brookline, RSF-Brookline Round School-Sagerman Assess., $250.00, 12/14/2005

Burlington City Arts, Burlington, RSF-sculptures project, $500.00, 12/21/2005

Congregational Church of Chester, Chester, RSF-Chester-Rahill Assess., $250.00, 10/03/2005

First Congregational Church of Randolph, Randolph, RSF Grant-Randolph-Keefe Assess., $250.00, 10/03/2005

Fletcher Farm Foundation, Fletched, RSF–Fletcher Farm House, Ludlow-Nimtz Assess, $250.00, 10/03/2005

Goodenough Farmstead Trust, Inc., West Brattleboro, RSF-Brattleboro-Sagerman consult, fundraising, $500.00, 12/27/2005

Hyde Park Opera House, Hyde Park, RSF Hyde Park Opera House, Pritchett assess, $250.00, 12/08/2005

Keewaydin Dunmore, Salisbury, RSF-Salisbury-Camp Songadeewin Manor Hse-Keefe Assess, $250.00, 10/03/2005

McBride, Robert, Bellows Falls, RSF-Bellows Falls-NTHP Conference Costs, $200.00, 10/19/2005

Mike Heffernan, Manchester, Hildene Consult, $250.00, 12/22/2005

New Beginnings Christian Church, St. Johnsbury, RSF-St. Johnsbury-Jackies House and Barn-Lewandoski Asses, $500.00, 11/16/2005

Old Stone House Museum, Brownington, RSF-Brownington, Old Stone House Museum-Rahill Assess, $250.00, 11/14/2005

Peacham Community Housing, Peacham, RSF-Peacham Old Town Office-Ancel assessment, $250.00, 10/03/2005

Peacham Historical Society, Peacham, RSF-Peacham Rollar Barn-Ancel Assess, $250.00, 10/03/2005

Poultney Historical Society, Poultney, RSF-Poultney-St. John’s – Keefe Assess, $250.00, 11/14/2005

Providence Island Association, South Hero, RSF-Providence Island Lodge and Barn-Llewellyn & Parker Assess, $500.00, 10/03/2005

Readsboro Historical Society, Readsboro, RSF-Readsboro-EJ Bullock Store-Badger Assess, $250.00, 10/19/2005

River Arts of Morrisville, Inc., Morrisville, RSF Morrisville Grange bldg-Lewandoski Assess, $250.00, 12/28/2005

St. Johnsbury Railroad Heritage Soc., St. Johnsbury, Support Paul Millmore visit, $500.00, 12/27/2005

Town of Brighton, Brighton, RSF Brighton Town Hall-Ancel Assess, $250.00, 12/14/2005

Town of Charlotte, Charlotte, RSF-Charlotte-Thorp Barn Cap. Campaign-CPG, $250.00, 10/03/2005

Town of Moretown, Moretown, RSF–Moretown Town Hall-Keefe Assess, $250.00, 10/03/2005

Town of Wheelock, Wheelcok, RSF-Wheelock Town Hall-Brown Assess., $250.00, 10/03/2005

United Church of South Royalton, Royalton, RSF-So. Royalton United Ch. Keefe Assess, $250.00, 11/14/2005

Upper Valley Assembly of God Church, Wilder, RSF-Wilder church-Turner Assess, $250.00, 12/27/2005

Windsor Public Library, Windsor, RSF-Windsor Library, Cap. Campaign-CPG, $250.00, 11/17/2005


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