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Reaching Across

Reaching Across

As tumultuous as this fall has been, the one thing we can all agree about is our good luck and joy in being Vermonters!  Born here, living here, or visiting here, we know a special place when we experience it, and we are proud.

One of the most remarkable things about this place is our collaborative spirit: we are experts at ‘reaching across’…. whether it be an aisle, a road, a field or Main Street. We work together to make good things happen.  We find common ground.

This fall the Preservation Trust was a partner in one of these great collaborations: the Gilbert’s Hill Project, assuring public access and permanent conservation of the birthplace of modern skiing in the United States, and preservation of the original homestead and barns.  Our partners in this venture were the Vermont Land Trust, the Green Mountain Club, the Appalachian Trail Association, the family who were the stewards of the property, and of course a wonderful collection of community volunteers and donors. What good company we are in!

But this is not happenstance. This is the way the Preservation Trust does its work. Along with you, our very best and most loyal team members, we have been involved in over 300 projects just this year, and scores more over the 36 years of our lives together.

You have stuck with us through thick and thin.  Often we are at the quiet center, sometimes we’re more visible, of the many critical ventures that maintain the culture and character of Vermont.  Not just historic buildings: downtowns, communities, general stores, gathering places. The places we love that say ‘Vermont’.

Thank you for your loyalty and your belief in our work, and more than ever, thank you for being on our team.  Your donations also help enormously, and we hope you will make one now, to help us continue all we do!

Thank you!


Paul Bruhn
Executive Director

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