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Project Profile: Guilford General Store

In 2010, Friends of Algiers purchased the Historic 1817 Broadbrook House. It housed the more than 100-year-old Guilford Country Store business. At the time of the purchase, the store was closed, and the building deteriorating significantly. The owner at the time approached the group after receiving offers from national chains. Through fundraising, many volunteer hours, and grant-writing, the Friends of Algiers were able to re-open the store with wonderful new store operators in June of 2013.

Over the past 7 years the group has raised more than $800,000 to acquire the property, list it on the National Register of Historic Places, stabilize its crumbling structure, reopen the store and add a vibrant café.  It is now the primary gathering place for Guilford. In the summer of 2017, The Friends of Algiers were also able to rehabilitate the ell of the building and it now houses a lovely wholesale bakery. The upstairs of the building currently is occupied by two residential tenants as well as an office space for a new non-profit in town (Community Collaborative for Guilford).

Project Costs

  • Acquisition Costs: $305,570
  • Rehab Costs: $861,949
  • Total Project Costs: $1,079,955

Project Funding

  • Grants: $484,517
  • Private Donations: $409, 236 (include $6,400 in-kind).
  • Town Funds: None.
  • Bonds: None.
  • Loans: $442,203

Grant Sources

  • Village Revitalization Initiative Grant in partnership with Senator Leahy’s Office: $65,000
  • PTV Robert Sincerbeaux Fund Grant: $250
  • PTV Preservation Grant in partnership with the Freeman Foundation: $25,000
  • PTV Grant: $1000
  • Vermont Housing & Conservation Board Feasibility Grant: $2000
  • Vermont Housing & Conservation Board Acquisition Grant: $70,000
  • Vermont Community Development Program Planning Grant: $37,500
  • Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (2012): $20,000
  • Vermont Division for Historic Preservation (2015): $20,000
  • Efficiency Vermont: $2286
  • Vermont Community Foundation:
  • Henderson Foundation: $20,000
  • Windham Foundation: $5000
  • Thomas Thompson Trust: $11,000
  • National Trust for Historic Preservation: $1,000
  • Commonwealth Dairy: $6400
  • VT Department of Buildings & General Services: $22,500
  • VT Department of Buildings & General Services: $25,000


Today the Broadbrook House is a multi-use commercial hub for the village of Algiers. It houses the Guilford Country Store as its anchor tenant, Top Tier Bakery, Community Collaborative for Guilford, and two residential tenants. The Broadbrook House is operating in the black.  A modest fund-raising appeal in December of 2017 netted roughly $6,000 that is used to offset annual operating expenses.

  • Annual Project Income:
  • Income sources: Annual sources of income are rents from the four occupied spaces and a fund-raising appeal.
  • Annual Operating Expenses:

2014 Preservation Award

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Anne Rider, Vice President

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