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Jeff Stewart

Board Member

After graduating from Columbia, Jeff Stewart joined a small advertising agency in New York City that specialized in the book trade, and, through the years, rose to become president of the firm. While he and his wife Linda lived and raised their family in suburban New Jersey, they spent much of their free time in Vermont. In 2004 when retirement time came, they settled in the town of Brandon which they considered to be the perfect, unspoiled, classic Vermont community where you could get everything you needed within walking distance. A few years later a project was started to construct a mini-mall on the southern end of town. Since this would have the effect of hollowing out the downtown, they joined an effort to fight off this development. The Preservation Trust soon joined the fight, and through this they got to know Paul Bruhn and his incredible staff. In the town of Brandon, Jeff served on many organizations, among them as president of the designated downtown organization. Over time as Jeff came to understand and appreciate all the Preservation Trust was doing to promote communities – as well as fighting sprawl – and he realized that if he was to do his part in aiding Vermont, it had to be through the Preservation Trust. He was delighted when Paul asked him to serve on the Board.

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