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Mission Farm Bakery, Killington

The Mission Farm began as a family farm in 1797. The property now includes multiple buildings including an 1890s stone church (Church of Our Savior), a farmhouse that serves as church offices, a guest host, log cabin, the bakery building, as well as access to trails, gardens, and agricultural lands. The Mission Farm property is listed on the National Register. The Mission Farm Bakery, located on the edge of the Mission Farm property, is a relatively recent addition to the Farm. The building was relocated in 1997 from Route 4 in Killington and was modified to accommodate its new use as a bakery. The building was not eligible for listing on the State or National Register at the time of the move due to previous alterations, but its move was deemed to be a compatible addition to the property. The building does add a new level of vitality to the property, even if it does not qualify as historic as defined by the State or National Register.

The bakery has been an active part of the Farm for more than 20 years and the recent retirement of their long-time baker has allowed the farm to reevaluate the role of the bakery for the Farm  and community. Farm leadership are working with the Vermont Food Bank, Rutland Hunger Council, and the United Way to find ways to expand local food access for the food insecure, especially during the pandemic. A $2,500 will help the Mission Farm replace the bakery’s boiler, which has failed and needs to be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damage to avoid freezing and damage to the building.

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