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Marble Museum Progress Update

Paul Bruhn (PTV) and Josh Hanford & Ray Marzbani (Vermont Community Development Program).

The Preservation Trust of Vermont worked in partnership with the Town of Proctor to apply for and receive a Vermont Community Development Program grant to help bring the building up to code, address fire safety issues and to secure funds for asbestos and hazardous material remediation.  This work was also supported through an allocation of Vermont Downtown and Village Center tax credits and a generous grant from the Vermont Arts Council which helped to pay for the installation of fire rated doors and an updated fire alarm system.  It is through the generosity of the town, state and federal funders that the Preservation Trust has been able to successfully complete over $470,000 in code upgrades and major building repairs.

Below is the work complete through July 6, 2017


  • Smoke doors installed all openings (5 sets)
  • Sliding doors (4) pinned in place


  • Deteriorated masonry areas on the west façade were repaired and re-pointed.
  • Deteriorated framing under the siding was repaired on west façade.
  • Siding has been repaired and repainted on the west façade
  • Soffit on the west faced has been replaced
  • Five 16/16 double hung windows on the west facade (north end) are in the process of being restored.
  • Selected areas of the west facade of the northernmost building were re-pointed.
  • Steel windows on the east facade of building 30 were reframed.


  • Selected compromised columns were spliced and reinforced on the north end of the building.
  • Selected second floor compromised rafter tails were sistered and reinforced with new material.


  • Membrane and slate roofs repaired on building 27.


  • A new sprinkler system was installed in the whole building. This included building a room to house all the equipment on the ground level. The entire second floor is now sprinkled, as is the hallway and egress of the museum.

Work in Progress

  • Asbestos caulking will be abated in the parapet and will be re-pointed
  • Environmental cleanup including capping drains and associated reporting will be completed
  • Clerestory windows will be restored on top of the building, including asbestos caulk remediation and repairs to the framing and trim.
  • Exterior painting will be finished
  • Additional slate and rubber membrane roofing repairs will be completed
  • Restored windows will be reinstalled and reframed
  • Selected areas will be winterized and insulated
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