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Castleton University’s Granger House, Castleton

Designed and built by Noahdiah Granger c. 1800, the Granger house is a fine example of Federal style architecture and has exceptional exterior and interior architectural features. The house is owned by Castleton University and, until recently, was slated to become the new president’s house. The University has shifted gears and is now planning to establish the Granger House as a museum and learning laboratory. The project centers around the adaptive reuse of the Granger House into a combination of period house museum, interactive museum that celebrates an inclusive history of the community, and a hands-on learning laboratory of the University’s humanities students. The museum will serve as a venue for a wide range of public programming with an emphasis on K-12 education. The project will also underscore the continued relevance and importance of the humanities in higher education and demonstrate that interactive, place-based immersion in the humanities can successfully prepare students for the workplace. A $7,5000 grant will support making the Granger House accessible, which will likely include a small, sensitively designed addition on the rear elevation.

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