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Fire Station, St. Johnsbury

Located at the top of Eastern Avenue, between the Fairbanks Block and the Athenaeum, the 1923 Municipal Building is a modest but important building on St. Johnsbury’s Main Street. The building has a distinctive façade with large bay doors, with its form and features clearly depicting the building’s purpose as a fire station. The Municipal Building, which was originally home to the town office and fire department, now houses the fire and police departments.

The St. Johnsbury Fire Department, interested in preserving the building’s character-defining bay door openings, reached out to the Preservation Trust for guidance on replacing the inefficient overhead doors and restoring the building’s windows. A Robert Sincerbeaux Fund assessment, completed by Alex Tolstoi of Hunger Valley Construction, outlines a plan for the window and door work.

A grant of $50,000 will support the restoration of the Municipal Building windows and the installation of energy-efficient and historically sensitive bay doors.

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