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Enosburg Opera House, Enosburg Falls

Built in 1892 by the founder of Kendall’s Spavin Cure, a successful horse liniment company, the Enosburg Opera House was gifted to the town and village and has been the cultural center of this farming community for well over a century. Once the site of town meetings and basketball games, today the range of activities is impressive: improv groups, week-long day camps, the Enosburg Conservation Commission events, Irish rock band performances, community musical theater performances, weddings, celebrations of life, and much more. 

Board Chair Suzanne Hull-Casavant notes that the activities that happen at the Opera House are generational: many people have been coming to the building their whole lives. She recounts that one older board member said, “I’m not much for theater, but it’s good for the town, and I’m all for the town, so that’s why I’m here helping.”

A Bruhn Revitalization Grant supported the final phase of stained glass window restoration. This caps years of on-going repair and restoration. As with all Bruhn Grant projects, a preservation easement has been put in place to ensure long-term protection of the building.

“There was a time when you could stand in front of the windows and feel the rain inside. When the windows were worked on in the early 90’s, one of the workmen put a colored pane in the wrong place. With this project, the windows are weathertight and the pane design is restored.”

– Suzanne Hull- Casavant, Board Chair, Enosburg Opera House

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