Dorset House, Shelburne Museum

During the course of preparing the interior space for modification Museum staff discovered much of Electra Havemeyer Webb’s original interpretation and remnants of details from the original gallery space as constructed on the grounds of Shelburne Museum. Every effort was made to bring back those original details and incorporate that aesthetic into the new display cases and gallery space. Now the public can see the building as Electra intended and enjoy expanded access to a climate controlled and protected collection.

The major overhaul of the building includes: new fire and security systems, total rewiring, a new humid statically-controlled HVAC system, a poured concrete basement floor, roof repairs, a handicapped access walkway, and construction and installation of 51 state-of-the-art display cases nfor the decoy collection. These cases, distributed on the first and second floors, will have modern LED lighting and will provide visitors with greatly enhanced viewing and more information than
was previously presented.