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The Peacham Cafe, Peacham, VT

Since the closing of the Bayley Hazen Store in 2002, Peacham residents had been without a local gathering place for coffee, food and conversation. Several community members took on the renovation of the old Union Store, and in August 2014 the Peacham Café opened! It is now a community hub, a market for locally-produced food and a destination eatery for people from far and wide. We offer a simple menu, with high quality breakfasts, sandwiches, soups, and brunch on the weekends. And of course, good coffee!

The Gleanery, Putney, VT

The Gleanery is a restaurant in the heart of Putney, Vermont. With a primary focus on utilizing ingredients available to us through a strong network of local farmers and producers, we serve thoughtfully sourced, creatively prepared food. Our guiding principal is that everything that you see in The Gleanery has been carefully selected for being artisanally made. The ingredients in the dish, the dish itself, the table below it; everything is there because a person wanted to create it. We foster an environment that exalts anyone who takes pride in their craft.

The Scale House, Hardwick, VT

Sven Olson and The Scale House crew have recently introduced a Farm/Ocean to Table bar and restaurant in Hardwick, VT. The environment is an informal, family friendly, pub-style restaurant, where the community can congregate over great food and spirits. Super fresh and delicious seafood on the menu in addition to delicious local meats and vegetables from friends and neighbors.

The Bearded Frog, Shelburne, VT

The Bearded Frog Bar and Grill serves inspired and eclectic American fare. Located in the Shelburne Village, inside the recently renovated, historic Shelburne Inn. We offer seating on an outdoor patio, an intimate bar and a cozy dining room. Our Bar opens at 4:30 for cocktails. Dinner is served seven nights a week beginning at 5:00pm.

Carpenter and Main Restaurant Norwich, VT

Carpenter and Main offers fresh local ingredients in the French tradition. “The seasons are an integral part of life here in Vermont, and we love to share our joy of exploring their abundance and variety. We use goods from local farms year-round to help integrate the spirit and distinctive flavors of Vermont." Chef/Owner Bruce MacLeod

Dot’s Restaurant, Wilmington, VT

Dot's is a classic gem of family restaurant. The staff is friendly and the food is awesome. The restaurant is noted as THE place to eat when visiting Mt. Snow by SKI Magazine.
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