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Time, Treasure & Talent

  • November 14, 2015
We have people all over Vermont who daily give their time, their treasure, and their talents to keeping all the best of our state, our history, and communities as vital and inspiring as possible.

On the Importance of Gathering Places

  • September 10, 2005
The Preservation Trust of Vermont is committed to spending the next twenty-five years protecting the character of Vermont and strengthening the vitality of our communities. This is not about “pickling” Vermont, it’s about finding smart ways to grow and building on the essential qualities of the state. It’s about being good stewards of the Vermont we cherish.

Doing It Vermont’s Way

  • December 15, 2004
If Wal-Mart built appropriate scaled stores in downtowns, we all would benefit. Consumers would have access to the nation's largest retailer. We would have a healthy mix of locally owned stores and national chains. Downtowns would be reinvigorated. The trend toward sprawl into the countryside would be reversed. Communities would maintain their tax base. Retail jobs will not be lost.

What is Historic Preservation?

  • December 15, 1981
By definition, historic preservation is the thoughtful management of the built environment. But that somewhat simplistic explanation does little justice to the preservation movement in Vermont.
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