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314. $25 gift certificates to the Shrewsbury Coop at Pierce’s Store in Shrewsbury, VT

$25 Gift Certificate to Shrewsbury Coop at Pierce’s Store in Shrewsbury, VT. The Shrewsbury Cooperative at Pierce’s Store is nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Shrewsbury, VT. Here you will find freshly baked goods, soups, pizzas and sandwiches, prepared on site by Chef Rob McKain, as well as groceries, bulk foods, local meats & cheeses, maple syrup, coffee, beer & wine, and more. We try to have something for everyone: Conventional, Local and Organic. For those wanting to take a step back in time, we welcome you to learn more about this historic landmark and the Pierce family. In the store, check out the fancy old scale, cash register, photographs and other antiques displayed throughout. (We have four certificates; the top four bids are the winners.)

Donated by The Shrewsbury Coop at Pierce’s Store, Shrewsbury, VT

Value: $25

Minimum Bid: $13

All Bids due by September 30th at 6 pm!

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