Brattleboro Wilder Block

Wilder Block, Brattleboro, 2007 Preservation Award Winner

Brattleboro Area Community Land Trust and Housing Vermont for the rescue and restoration of the Wilder Block

In December 2004, a night fire ravaged one of the great historic buildings in downtown Brattleboro. It was a spectacular fire and though the interior was severely destroyed, no one lost their life.

Within hours the Preservation Trust organized a charette to see what, if anything, might be done to save and reuse the Wilder Block. Representatives from the Agency of Commerce and Community Development, Division for Historic Preservation, nonprofit housing organizations, members of the for-profit development community, and the Preservation Trust traveled to Brattleboro. In the end it was clear that there was only one hope to save the Wilder Block and put it back into a good use. Understanding that that they were the only ones do it, the Brattleboro Area Community Land Trust and Housing Vermont stuck their collective neck out and pulled off a remarkable transformation.

We are in awe of their willingness to take on such a difficult challenge. Completed in December 2006, the $2.9 million rehabilitation of the historic Wilder Block created eight affordable apartments, office uses, and retail…an amazing story of courage, financial commitment, passion, and commitment to quality and detail.

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