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Saving Buildings & Building Community For More than 40 Years

Historic preservation is at the core of our work and we know that something special happens when we use it to strengthen the social fabric of Vermont communities. For more than forty years, PTV has been working at saving buildings in each corner of Vermont and every town in between. We help communities keep gathering places alive and encourage the vitality of our downtowns and village centers while retaining the integrity of the surrounding rural landscape.

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Who We Are

We are Ben, Sarah, Meg, Lisa, Jenna, Jackson, Charlotte, Eric, and Meredith.
Together we have nearly 100 years of preservation experience.
Some of us are practically historic.
We work hard. We inspire. We celebrate.

Lisa Espenshade

What We Do

We visit. We chat. We crawl around in attics and basements. We meet with your community.
We get you started on the right path. We teach. We review your plans. We connect you with the right people.
We help you move towards success.

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