Jack Leonard

John “Jack” Leonard has been with Downstreet Housing & Community Development as a Maintenance Technician since 2006. During his tenure here, Jack has thoughtfully and respectfully cared for the maintenance and residents of the beautiful and historical Green Mountain Seminary building in Waterbury Center, Vermont.

The Green Mountain Seminary, now an apartment building owned by Downstreet was built in 1869 as a Free Will Baptist coeducational school. With its rich history and lore, it’s not a surprise that this building would become a favorite of those charged with its stewardship.

“I consider that our crown jewel” says Jack of the building known to Downstreet staff as ‘GMS’. At every opportunity, Jack brings visiting agency guests up to the attic to show off its charm. In the attic, names, dates and quotes from the late 1800’s are scrawled on the walls and woodwork, reminiscent of a high school yearbook. You can see the pride in his eyes when Jack speaks of the building and of those who live there. His connection to the residents is strong, and he confidently expresses that maintenance tasks are few and far between here, due in large part to how nicely the residents care for their apartments.

The kind feelings that Jack holds for the residents there are clearly reciprocated by them; they often invite him into their homes to chat, have coffee, or just to share in their lives. He is thought of by some residents as a part of their extended family… an admirable quality that all staff should hope to emulate.

Thank you Jack, for all that you do!